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We are sad to inform all of you that Seyfi Teoman passed away

Last year at PriFilmFest III, Turkish director Seyfi Teoman won the Media Jury Award for his film "Our Grand Despair". We are sad to inform all of you that on 10th May 2012, Seyfi Teoman passed away not surviving from an accident he experienced with motorcycle. He was only 35yrs old. In remembrance to him and his work, PriFilmFest this year will be proudly showing the last film he produced Yangin Var (Beyond the Hill) which will be In Memoriam to Seyfi Teoman, and will be shown within the Balkan programme "Honey and Blood cinema". Below photo of Seyfi Teoman on 1 Oct. 2012 with the award he won at PriFilmFest 2011.

3rd Edition of PriFilmFest closing night:
All the Golden Goddess winners

The third edition of PriFilmFest arrived to an end with a wonderful red carpet Gala at Square 21 in Prishtina. After a week of great movies and big audiences, finally the Golden Goddess awards (nicknamed the Oscars of Kosovo) were assigned. President of the jury Gedeon Burkhard (actor in Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino and in competition at PriFilmFest with middle length movie Bridges) and his colleagues of the jury struggled to decide the winners for every category.

The Golden Goddess for best film went to Loverboy. A Romanian movie dealing with human traffic tragedy, directed by Catalin Mitulescu

The Golden Goddess special jury prize went to Punk's not dead. Directed by Macedonian writer Vladimir Blazevski.

The Golden Goddess for best director went to Dragomir Sholey for his movie Shelter.

The Golden Goddess for best actor went to George Pistereanu for Loverboy. Only 21 years old, he is at his second appearance in a film feature.

The Golden Goddess for best actress went to Luli Bitri in Amnestia

The Silver Goddess for best film in middle length category went to Daddy. From German director Umut Dag

The Special Jury mention went to Room 304. A Danish coproduction directed by Birgitte Staermose

The Audience award went to Amnestia, an Albanian movie by director Bujar Alimani.

The Media jury award for best film went to Our Grand Despair by Turkish director Seyfi Teoman

Also this edition, that was opened by the movie The forgiveness of blood by American director Joshua Marston, saw the success of the second edition of PriFilmForum, an event that attired many guests during its two days of meetingS and conferences, helping to connect international directors and actors with the Kosovars. In the same way, the French retrospective on Claude Chabrol, sponsored by the French embassy, help Kosovars to connect with different kind of movies.

Friendship Forever!

Prishtina, 27 September 2011

Today at ABC Cinema we're going to show at 13 L'Enfer by Claude Chabrol, at 15.30 Iran - a cinematographic revolution and at 17.30 Once upon a time in Anatolia for the Honey and blood program. At 21 another Claude Chabrol masterpiece: Betty. In the National theater we will start at 16 with Daddy followed by Le Piano competing for the middle length program. At 18 we will have Service Entrance, from France and Punk's not dead from Macedonia competing for features movie. At 22 then Mothers for the Balkan retrospective (Honey and Blood)

Prishtina, 26 September 2011

Today we will show two wonderful iranian movies at ABC Cinema: at 15.30 Nader and Simin - a Separation and at 19 Iran a cinematographic revolution. At 21, part of French Retrospective, L'Enfer by Claude Chabrol.

At the National Theatre the middle length program will start at 18 with Bridges (starring Gedeon Burkhard), followed by Era. At 20 for the competition program, danish movie Room 304. At 22, in Honey and Blood program, The Ascent by serbian director Nemanja Becanovic.

Prishtina, 25 September 2011

After a great opening night, from today Prifilm Fest open its doors to the audience.

Kids will have a special day at ABC Cinema where, part of PrifilmKid programme, we will show animated movies Eleanor's secret and Magic Roundabout at 15 and 17. In the evening at 21 we will screen "Nader and Simin - a separation" winner of Golden bear award at Berlinale, by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. At the National Theatre we will start at 19 with La ceremonie by Claude Chabrol, part of our French retrospective, and at 22 Here and there, a movie from Serbia competing for the Honey and Blood category, focalized on Balkan cinema.

Friendship forever

Prishtina, 24 September 2011

Gedeon Burkhard, has arrived in Prishtina. He is a President of International Jury and has come exclusively for PriFilmFest.

Award Winning actor Gedeon Burkhard filmed opposite BRAD PITT in the much anticipated QUENTIN TARANTINO film INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Burkhard plays American Jew Will Wicky who serves as translator for Pitt's character. His educational background (boarding school in England and American high school) has allowed Burkhard to play both American and German speaking characters with flawless accents. Some of his other film credits include THE LAST TRAIN (directed by Joseph Vilsmaier), MELODIES OF SPRING (directed by Martin Walz), GOLDEN TIMES (directed by Peter Thorwart) and MAKING UP (directed by Katja V. Garnier). The recipient of the Best Actor Bavarian Film Award for his work in ACTING IT OUT, Burkhard also received a Romy for Best Actor for the acclaimed hit television series DETECTIVE REX which went on to sell to over 140 foreign territories. Burkhard also helmed the successful television series ALARM FOR COBRA 11 that aired in 120 countries. Burkhard`s success in film and television has catapulted him onto the main stage in one of the most highly anticipated movie releases of 2009, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Tonight is the opening night of the third edition of Prifilmfest!

The event will begin at the PriFilm Lounge at 18 with a cocktail to welcome the guests. At 19 in ABC Cinema, american director Joshua Marston will introduce his movie "The Forgiveness of blood". At 20.30 the red carpet gala will start at the National Theatre, attended by personalities such as Kosovo Minister of culture Memli Krasniqi and Hollywood actor Gedeon Burkhard, president of international jury of the festival. "The Forgiveness of blood", a movie dealing with the albanian law of Kanun, will then be shown to guests. Stay connected to find out all the updates on Prifilmfest.

Friendship Forever!


Tickets for the 3rd edition of the Prifilmfest can be purchased at the box office of the National Theatre and at ABC Cinema in Prishtina. Tickets will cost 3 euro, but for the screenings of the French retrospective and the children program the entrance will be free of charge. People in possession of the all inclusive pass should show the card at the box office to ensure getting a free ticket. Students must shown their INDEX card to get a free ticket entry for all the screenings.

Press release

19 SEPTEMBER 2011, Pristina

La Nouvelle Vague hits Prishtina

During the Prifilm Fest, that will last from the 24th September to the 1st October, a retrospective on French director Claude Chabrol will be shown free to the public. Claude Chabrol, born in 1938 in Sardent, France, is regarded as one of the master of the Nouvelle Vague, the New wave of French cinema that spread during the '60. Chabrol began to work as a film critic for influential magazine Cahiers du Cinema, but then decided to move beyond the camera. In a forty years long career (Chabrol died in 2010 at 80 years old), he directed more than fifty movies.

During the festival, we will show daily at the ABC Cinema two of his masterpieces between: La Cerimonie, L'Enfer, Betty, Une affaire de femmes and Inspecteur Lavardin. Thrillers were something of a trademark for Chabrol, with an eye on dramatic love stories as his famous Nouvelle Vague's colleagues Jean Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut. In many of his works he used to cast his ex wife Stephane Audran.

The French connection on the Prifilm Fest will continue with a special screening of Potiche by director Francois Ozon, that will be screened the 28th at 15.30. Starring French well known actors Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve, the comedy talks about a "crazy oriented" couple that runs an umbrella factory. Even in the competition programme, Service Entrance by French director Philippe le Guay will try to impress the jury (which president will be Hollywood actor Gedeon Burkhard) and get an award. The French retrospective is sponsored by French Embassy in Kosovo, which will also organize a special party during the festival with a "France" theme and cuisine.

19 SEPTEMBER 2011, Pristina


PriFilmFest - Prishtina International Film Festival sets up a two day Co-production Forum, 25/26 September, that aims to become an important regional meeting venue for producers and directors of neighboring countries from where a number of independent producers are visiting Kosovo this year. The forum will host in addition to Kosovo, also film-makers from Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The presenters at the forum will come from different prestigious co-production companies such as EAVE, Medienboard, to bring the European expertise and know-how of co-production possibilities with German and Francophone with special focus on Marketing and Sales. Connecting Cottbus will present its program of co-production and Sarajevo Film Festival representative will be present with their successful story to tell. Also, directors of film funds of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia will present current cinematographic situation and possibilities in their countries.

"Beyond the sale and the marketing of the film, we are researching for finance and co-production opportunities for the regional film projects with the developed European countries. Without such collaborations, the cinematography of this region would not succeed." says Shkumbin Istrefi, director of PriFilmFORUM.

Having a great interest in participation from producers and directors from Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and with the amount of expertise among the lectures, PriFilmFORUM will be a fantastic opportunity to the regional film industry, and especially kosovar producers, who had been isolated and had difficulties in finding co-producers until now. PriFilmFORUM will take place in Hotel Emerald and has been supported by ECLO – Culture for All.

Bio of presenters:

Sarah Calderon - Columbia

Sarah has a major in advertising at the PUJ of Bogota and a Master degree in Multicultural Communication.She works in Spain as Distribution Coordinator at Karma Films. KARMA FILMS is a theatrical and video distributor of foreign independent films.

Satu Elo - Finland

Satu Elo works since 2010 as the Workshop Manager of EAVE-European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs.EAVE,is a professional training,project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.Objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. Brigitta Manthey - Germany Head of the film department at the main literary centre in Berlin.Board-member of New German Film Board Foundation.

Bernd Buder - Germany

He is working as a free-lanced curator and consultant for several film festivals,among them the "Forum" section of the Berlin Film Festival,the week of the Turkish Cinema in Berlin,the "Cinedays" Festival in Skopje.

Roshanak Behesht Nedjad - Germany

In 1999 she started her company Flying Moon,with an edge and a strong focus on international co-productions.Flying Moon has produced over 20 Films sold over the entire world,received more than 40 awards and 60 nominations.

David Grumbach – France

David is a filmmaker and producer based in Luxembourg.He founded in Paris his first production company in 1999.Since then, David has produced and co-produced more than 15 productions.His aim is to create a network of European coproducers that can introduce ever more audience-generating films to the market.

Elma Tataragic - Bosna and Hercegovina

Elma is Program selector for Sarajevo Film Festival and member of Selection Committee for CineLink Co-Production Market of Sarajevo Film Fest, Sarajevo City of Film and Talent Campus. PriFilmFORUM will be attended by directors of film funds, respectively cinematography centres from Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo and independent producers from other neighboring countries. PriFilmFORUM will be chaired by Shkumbin Istrefi, Director of the PriFilmFORUM.
The Forum will be held on 25/26 September at Hotel Emerald and attendance is by invitation only. The media will be able to attend the PriFilmFORUM with festival accreditation. For more information please contact the Director of PriFilmFORUM, Shkumbin Istrefi at or write to .

Prishtina, 12th September 2011

Kosovo is not just about war. The importance of Prishtina International Film Festival - PriFilmFest

Great movies will help Kosovars to connect with cinema again

Thirteen years after the end of the war, and only three after the national independence, we continue to talk about Kosovo only for political reasons. But now, the youngest country in Europe wants to forget the past. And to accomplish this, it also relies on the PriFilmFest - Prishtina International Film Festival, which wants to establish itself as an important artistic and cultural event. In its third year, the festival opens the doors of the Balkan nation to promote it in a new light. With a population not yet re-accustomed to hobbies and extras in life (only one location is used as a cinema in the capital), the festival previous years' success, however, helped to welcome in Kosovo actors like Vanessa Redgrave (now President of the Honorary Board of the festival) and Franco Nero, intriguing the Kosovars in movies, even in a period of reconstruction of the country that is still on. "Our festival is a big opportunity to spread the culture of Kosovo primarily, give a different picture to what the world is used to get from us. More importantly, PriFilmFest aims to give our artists and film-makers an opportunity to open up and get in contact with cinematographers and film-makers of the world, given the situation of limited possibilities of travel to various countries and festival in the world, because of Kosovo not being recognized yet by all" says the director of the festival, Vjosa Berisha. Even today, Kosovo is not recognized by all

UN nations

(to date over 80 out of 192 countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent country), despite having declared independence which resulted to the ending of years of forced unification with Serbia and a war that caused more than 10,000 deaths and an exodus of over 700,000 deportees.

In the third edition of the festival, which will take place from September 24 to October 1, we will have in competition films, and filmmakers to present them, from Denmark, Albania, Poland, France, Macedonia, and even Romania and Bosnia, whose governments still not recognized Kosovo.
Two Serbian film and filmmakers' presence at PriFilmFest, despite political tension between the two countries, is also a highlight this year, attending in the Blood and Honey program, (non competitive program of the Balkan Cinema). This program features the Balkan cinema and will also present the premiere of film Mothers by great Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski, winner of Golden Lion in Venice back in 1994.

Among the guests we will have actor Gedeon Burkhard, who played in the famous Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds coming with his new film "Bridges" which is in competition of Middle Length category, and director Joshua Marston, author of an Oscar nominated film "Maria full of Grace" and TV series "How to make in America", "Law and order", "Six feet under" etc., who is opening the festival with Forgiveness of Blood, a winner of Berlin's Silver Bear this year for the Best Script. We will also propose a French retrospective focalized on the works by Claude Chabrol. Every day we will show to the public two of his movies between: La Cerimonie, L'Enfer, Betty, Une affaire de femmes and Inspecteur Lavardin. The French retrospective is sponsored by French Embassy in Kosovo, which will also organize a special party during the festival with a "France" theme and cuisine.

On a special screening we will also have Potiche by Francois Ozon, and winner of Golden Bear for Best Film in Berlin this year – Nader and Simin, a Separation by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.

Another important aspect of the festival is a setting of two day Co-production Forum, 25/26 September -


, which in its second year now, aims to become an important mini region meeting venue for producers and directors of neighboring countries including Serbia, from where a number of independent producers are visiting Kosovo this year. The forum will host in addition to Kosovo, also film- makers from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The presenters at the forum will come from different prestigious co-production institutions such as EAVE, Medienboard, Robert Bosch Stiftung, to bring the European expertise and know-how of co-production possibilities with German and Francophone countries. The main theme this year in addition to co-production is Distribution and Sales. Another aim of the forum is to look at the possibility of co-production possibilities between Balkan countries, where the Program Director of Sarajevo Film Festival, Elma Tataragic will share the successful story of Bosnian experience in film industry which put Bosnia on top of the Balkan list with Oscar winner.

But festival wouldn't be complete if there isn't a special flavor of entertainment for which the country with over 50% of its population under 25 years old is best known for. Nightlife in Prishtina has attracted many of the best DJs of today to perform in its clubs. Each of the 8 nights of the festival will feature wild after midnight parties with live music performances, DJs and a crowd of a very friendly young nation.

A taste of a unique Balkan cuisine with many delicious national specialties, a visit to some of the historical and religious national heritage sites and chance to see the beautiful mountainous sites, is another advantage which is offered within the festival, free of charge in two excursions where the guides are young and hip actors from Kosovo that make sure to create the best atmosphere in a day tour visit outside Prishtina. Register in time as the seats are limited.

And all of this is crowned with a GALA Award ceremony, which same as the opening ceremony, starts with red Carpet extravaganza to continue with the programme where the verdict will decide who will win each of the 6 Golden Goddesses this year in categories of feature film for best actor and actress, best director, best film, special jury prize, and the Middle Length best film. The symbol of the festival is the iconic Goddess of the throne, a terracotta statue belonging to the Neolithic period found in Kosovo in 1960 and chosen as a symbol of Prishtina, and in the festival modified by the local artist into an elegant female statue washed in gold.

While the slogan of the festival in the first edition featured the phrase from the famous movie Casablanca – "Beginning of the beautiful friendship" and on the second year "Friendship continues…", this year ensuring and promising to have a successful third edition that will set the path of a long lasting festival, the slogan will be:

Friendship. Forever.

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